to the many Contributors to the Squadron’s Website. You sent photos, clippings and tall tales. All were appreciated. If we haven’t posted your material, please let us know.

And if your name isn’t on the below list, you most likely have never contributed material for the site. Now is the time.

Send us your stories (before you forget them) and your photos. Digital is best but you can always use USPS. We will scan your pics with great care and get the originals back to you. If you have questions e-mail: VMF235@me.com




Bill Bartlett

Ed Bayley

Bob “Beaver” Beavis

Howard Black

Bob Bowes

Jerry Cobb

Dick Cropley

Tom D'Andrea

Don Davis

Bill Eikner

Sarena Finlayson

Ron Foreman

Sam Garrison

Don Hanna

Jim Harrison

Gary Hills

Bob Johnson

Jimmy Kilmartin

Pappy Lynch

Sheila McCallum

Mac McClelland


Duane Newton

Tom O’Rorke

Hondo Ondrick

Donna Ondrick

Dominic Panasiti

Matthew “Buck” Peck

Art Piatt

Sgt. Pickel

Bob Reeves

Bill Riding

Al Risinger

Tom Rochford

Michael “Juice” Sobyra

Jim Strawn

Dave Swaney

Orson Swindel

Rod von Lipsey

Phil Wallberg

Henry West

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