The Grumman F9F - Panther

Grumman's first XF9F-2 first flew on 24 November 1947. With a full fuel and weapons load, the "Panther's" maximum take off weight was 19,500 pounds. Top speed was 525 mph. The aircraft's wingspan and length were both almost exactly 38 feet. Armament consisted of four 20 MM cannon, six air to ground rockets, and two 500 lb. Bombs.

F9F's delivered more ordnance against enemy ground targets than any other jet aircraft flown during the Korean Conflict. The 715 F9F's flown in Korea flew a total of 78,000 sorties, averaging about 110 missions apiece. One even scored a Mig-15 kill.

The F9F-2 went on the become the US Navy's "Blue Angel" demonstration team's first jet. Later versions of the F9F received a swept wing. The resulting superior performing aircraft was renamed the "Cougar." F9F series production ended in 1958 with the F9F-8T jet trainer. The last F9F's in service ended their days as drone targets in the 1970's. For more Panther info click on Panther +.

This page contains pictures of the F9F only. The third aircraft flown by Squadron-235. Snapshots featuring people rather than aircraft may be found on Snapshots.

The F9F - Panther

The Panther